Welcome Address

Welcome to Canterbury International School.

Our school is a Christian institution dedicated to preparing children for the challenges of the future by ensuring they attain academic excellence while being socially and morally responsible.

Paramount in the mind of every parent or guardian is the decision on the quality of education their children must receive to be relevant in this rapidly globalizing century. The importance of this single decision is vital to the development of every child. We recognize the significance of this choice. Therefore, we ensure that our parents are pleased and satisfied with the results they receive.

At Canterbury, we place emphasis on the key points of excellence that define our pupils academically, socially and spiritually. The daily school routine and activities are tailored to provide Canterbury children a beautiful head start to their bright futures.

Our approach has been tailored over the years to bring the best out of every child. Year on year we strive for excellence, ensuring innovation and development are consistent parts of our holistic structure and school strategy.

Our education style is designed to create an interactive atmosphere between the staff, students and parents through both academia and non-academic activities. This system o allows our pupils develop socially, morally and spiritually. Canterbury Schools is one that ensures every child is nurtured and groomed to achieve their highest potential.

At Canterbury, your children are the focus of our passion. In everything we do, our efforts go toward ensuring the children portray excellence in their academic and moral pursuits. Our joy is rooted in seeing our pupils grow and progress successfully through the many phases of life.

Here, moulding your children and empowering them to make excellent global impact is our ultimate priority.

Once again, welcome to Canterbury Schools.

Mrs Olamide Olaitan-Karunwi
Canterbury Schools