Welcome Address from PTA Chairman

I welcome all the friends of CIS to a brand new session.

I pray that this session shall be a peaceful and fulfilling year for us and our children in Jesus name, Amen. It’s of great honour to serve in the capacity of the Chairperson of the Parent Teachers Association of Canterbury International Schools (Friends of CIS) and of great delight to make a remark on this platform.

Amongst several schools in this state, Canterbury International Schools is indeed a special one. The children are well trained, teachers are focused, and the management vision is clear. Talk about vision, I will say the seven keys of management are in order and function well in Canterbury International Schools. The vision, mission, strategies, staffing, organizing, leadership and control are the fundamental drive that increases the uniqueness of this great academy.

Our parents are always involved in the school activities and this has become a tradition and mirror for future parents of Canterbury to emulate even for our children. This indeed is one of the great qualities and strength of Canterbury International School. With parents having one voice through a form guided by unity, there’s no way we can fail as a body. In such light I will like to quote from the former Chairman speech which says “The active involvement of parents and guardians are a deliberate effort to take care of the education of our children. It is important to note therefore that, we educate our children to meet their long range needs in their prime age as they continue to grow up." So as a parent, I will like to use this opportunity to thank my fellow parents and to also urge them not to be weary in their involvement in the day to day activities of the improvement of our children.

Lastly, with confidence, great pride and head up high I say, Canterbury International Schools is a school of high standards and of good academic environment to change the academic mental state of any child; bringing such to an ultimate prime of success in an academic endeavor. These values can easily be spotted in our alumni. So in sincerity, I’m giving my gratitude to all personnel who had in one way or the other contributed to the growth of Canterbury International Schools; the students, staff, management and all the parents. I pray we all live long to reap the fruits of our labor.

On behalf of the PTA executives, I hereby wish everyone a good and highly prosperous year ahead and do hope for your continuous efforts and supports. Thank you.

Mrs Ruth Marcus-Olajire (PTA Chairperson)

PTA Vice Chairperson's Welcome Address

My Canterbury experience so far as a parent first and PTA executive has been awesomely wonderful.

The first day I stepped into the school, the reception, the friendly atmosphere and the student’s look caught my attention. I knew for sure this is the school I want my children to be.

What is really heart warming for me is that, Canterbury International Schools keeps raising the bar academically for children to improve. The corporation between parents and the school administration has really helped to keep a tab on the kid’s performance while providing a comfortable monitoring method for parents.

The sound moral discipline and consistent managerial skill of the directors and executive has also been one of the pass mark of Canterbury schools, I give kudos to them.

The open door policy of the Head of schools makes it very easy for parents to air their grievances and even offer positive suggestions that have helped shape the children better.

Canterbury Schools is always looking out for new ways to improve with growing trends and changes, they are always ahead.

Without mincing words Canterbury International Schools is the school for the family you love.

I recommend that you be part of this school if you want an all around education experience for your child. It has a very rich blend of the Nigerian and British curriculum.

It’s been a pleasurable experience so far for me and my family, I invite you to join too.

Thank you.

Mrs Suzan Joseph (P.T.A. Vice-Chaiperson)